Terms of use

Terms of use

The “Terms of Use” that govern the website autolele.gr are mentioned on this page and concern the use of autolele.gr and the relevant applications and surfaces for mobile devices and Facebook, which from now on will be collectively referred to as “website”. By accessing, browsing or in any way you use the website you agree to the “Privacy Policy” and all other instructions or policies mentioned on this page entitled “Terms of Use”. Please read the “Terms of Use” very carefully as the use of the website implies their automatic acceptance. Please do not use the website and do not make purchases if you do not wish or are unable to abide by the “Terms of Use”.



A “User” is anyone who accesses, searches, crawls, interacts, creates an account, buys products, shares or in any way uses the Website. The terms “you”, “you”, “you” and “user” refer to you, as a user or visitor of the website. The terms “we”, “us”, “us”, and “autolele.gr” refer to the website autolele.gr, the online store which is the online presence of the company AutoLele.

“Content of autolele.gr” refers to the content created by us and is available on the website.

“Third Party Content” refers to the content available on the website by parties other than autolele.gr or its users. Providers of such data are Facebook, among others.



The transactions carried out on the website are governed by the Greek and European legislation for e-commerce, Law 2251/1994 (http://www.synigoroskatanaloti.gr/docs/law/gr/N_2251_1994_final_3587_2007.pdf) and consumer protection Law 2472/1997 (http://www.dpa.gr/portal/page?_pageid=33,19052&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL) for the protection of the individual from the processing of personal data as they apply in each case.



To use the website you must be at least 18 years old and not have legal aid in concluding a sales contract. If you are a resident of Greece you have the obligation to comply with the “Terms of Use” as mentioned in this document. If you use the website from another country you should refer to the laws and regulations of your country and the “Terms of Use” described in this document. Otherwise, you may not use the Website. If you use the website on behalf of a business, organization or organization you must be the same authorized representative of the business, organization or organization in order to be bound by the “Terms of Use”.


Order Acceptance

Ordering products from autolele.gr is considered successful as soon as you receive the automated confirmation email with the information required by law such as the name you entered during your registration, the names and descriptions of the products, their price and billing method, the VAT and the date and time of confirmation of the order as well as the contact information accompanied by the details of the nearest autolele.gr store. The simple addition of products to the shopping cart, or the failed payment through the bank does not imply the preparation of a contract between you and autolele.gr as described in article 4 of Law 2251/1994. A purchase is considered confirmed as soon as the automated confirmation email is sent, make sure to include the email info@autolele.gr in your contact list so that these messages are not redirected to spam.



Your personal data will in no way be disclosed, made public or sold to third parties, unless this is imposed by a Public Authority (court, etc.). Your card details are managed by the partner bank and no details are registered on our basis.


Limitation of Liability

Autolele.gr is not responsible for any problems, technical or not, that arise during access to the website by users and relate to the operation and / or compatibility of user equipment with the technologies used by the website.



It is your obligation to keep the access details of your account at autolele.gr secret, these details are the email address you used when you registered on the website as well as the secret password to it. You and you alone are responsible for the transactions made through your account.


Product Delivery Policy

Upon confirmation of the order the customer will be informed by email to the email address he has stated to us. The products are delivered to the address indicated by the customer when submitting his order, accompanied by the sales receipt and the delivery note. An exception is the case where the customer indicates a different delivery address of the products and a different address for sending the sales receipt, as in the case of a gift.
The customer is responsible for the accuracy of the shipping and delivery information provided. In the event of an error in the provision by the customer of the relevant contact details of the recipient, the company can not be held responsible for the fact that the product can not be delivered. Although we have taken all possible care to inform customers, in relation to any lack of availability of a product, there is a possibility of unexpected shortage or unavailability of the product (eg due to failure). In this case, the company will again make every effort to contact the customer, in order to inform him and consult with him about the new delivery or delivery of another product or the cancellation of the order without compensation for both parties and the interest-free return of any money that may have been paid within a reasonable period of time.


Order cancellation

For any cancellation of an order (in whole or in part) you should send an e-mail to info@autolele.gr or call 6972294962. This option is offered to you for 72 hours from your order. Cancellation is not possible after this time.


Payment methods

1. Payment upon receipt:

Payment upon receipt at the store of your choice.

2. Payment by credit card:

Possibility of payment through credit, debit and prepaid cards of Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Diners.

3. By Deposit in a Bank Account (remittance):

If you do not have a credit card or you do not use the payment method upon receipt, you can pay for the order by bank transfer. In this case, the order remains in a “standby” state after its registration, until our accounting department confirms the deposit of the amount in the bank account.

In the case of transfer via WEB BANKING, you prefer if it is possible to transfer to the same bank in order to avoid delays of the interbank systems.

The accounts to which you can make a deposit or transfer through Web Banking are:

Alpha Bank

Account Number: 689-00-2002-000136

Main Beneficiary: Aikaterini Leledaki

IBAN: GR63 0140 6890 6890 0200 2000 136 


Reason: Name and order code


Secure Transactions

All card payments are processed through Alpha Bank’s “Alpha e-Commerce” electronic payment platform and use TLS 1.2 encryption with 128-bit encryption protocol (Secure Sockets Layer – SSL). Encryption is a way of encrypting information until it reaches its intended recipient, who will be able to decode it using the appropriate cell.


Copyright and Trademark

The design and graphics of the website, the texts, and the photos are the property of autolele.gr and have Copyright © 2021, you can not use this content other than the ways and following the procedures set by autolele.gr.


Changes to the Terms of Use of the website and shutdown

The “Terms of Use” may be modified at any time. When changes are made, we will notify you by having the revised version of this on the website which will indicate at the top the date of the last revision. As a user of the website you should review the “Terms of Use” of the service on a regular basis as revised versions will be binding on you. By continuing to use the Website after posting any changes to the Terms of Use, you signify your acceptance of these changes. We reserve the right to stop the service of autolele.gr temporarily or permanently without any warning to users, in this case all confirmed transactions will be processed normally.